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Concrete Electric Pole (PSC Pole)

Concrete Electric Pole (PSC Pole)

At present PSC poles are used in 11 KV and 400/230 volt system to a large scale, apart from this, we also use PSC poles in 33KV H.T. Line. This type of poles is cheaper than wooden pole and steel pole. This kind of poles has a longer life, and the maintenance cost is negligible. The strength of PSC Pole is much more than that of a wooden pole but less than that of a steel pole. The concrete electric pole is made of cement concrete. To increase the strength, we use iron bars or rods reinforcement in the concrete. To fix different fittings on the pole as required we keep 20 mm diameter holes on the pole during concreting. The cross-section of the pole always bigger in the bottom than that in the top. The cross section of the PSC pole is rectangular.

Size of PSC pole

  • 8 Meter
  • 9 Meter
  • 10 Meter
  • 11 Metter

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