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Concrete Electric Pole (PSC Pole)

Concrete Electric Pole (PSC Pole) At present PSC poles are used in 11 KV and 400/230 volt system to a large scale, apart from this, we also use PSC poles in 33KV H.T. Line. This type of poles is cheaper than wooden pole and steel pole. This kind of poles has a longer life, and the maintenance cost is negligible. The strength of PSC Pole is much more than that of a wooden pole but less than that of a steel pole. The concrete electric pole is made of...

RCC Hume Pipe

RCC Hume Pipe RCC Hume Pipe, so called because it was developed by Sir Walter Hume from Australia in 1910 Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Spun / Hume Pipes are generally used for water drainage, sewerage, culverts and irrigation. RCC Pipes are very much preferred for such usage because they are leak proof, are easily repairable and are non-reactive to sewerage toxins. Concrete Pipes has been estimated to easily last around 100 years and as such they are fit and forget solution which is why they are preferred over other materials for such...

Paver Block

Paver Block Pavers come in a number of styles, shapes and tones. Pavers manufactured from concrete go well with flag, brick and concrete walkways or patios. Opt for pavers in shades like ochre, pink, bisque, white or sand. Pavers are available in hole, x-shape, y-shape, pentagon, polygon and fan styles.

Eco Brick

What is Eco Brick (CLC)? CLC is called as Cellular Light Weight Concrete and it is also called as Foam Concrete. Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is a version of light weight concrete that is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions. CLC Blocks are a cement-bonded material made by blending slurry of cement. Stable, pre-formed foam manufactured on site is injected into this slurry to form foam concrete. Are you worried about rising construction costs of projects ? If yes, then CLC blocks is your answer. CLC blocks...

Kerb Stone

Kerbstone A long, narrow stone or concrete block, laid end to end with others to form a kerb. There are a number of types of curb, categorized by shape, material, height, and whether the curb is combined with a gutter. Most curb is constructed separately from the pavement, and the gutter is formed at the joint between the roadway and the curb. Combined curb and gutter (also called “curb and channel”) has a concrete curb and gutter cast together in one piece. “Integral curb” is curbing constructed integrally as a...

Road Divider

Road dividers  Road dividers are safety item or rather a counter-measure used in roads for dividing lanes assuring vehicle​​ drivers to their own side of lane preventing many traffic rule violations or small to big accidents. We are very conscious about our corporate social responsibility and hence have products such as road dividers for safe roads in the favour of public.

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